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AnnoReader is a reading tool for English language learners or readers of other languages.

This tool visualizes the sentence structure, dependencies between the words, and SVOCs in English text, along with 50+ translations.

Enjoy studying English!


AnnoReaderNNS isV a Creading tool NNtoolforPP English language learners NNor readers of other languagesNN.This Stool NNvisualizesVBV English Osentence structureNN, structuresuchJJ as nounsNN, verbsNN, clausesNN, andCC phrasesNN, visualizesby addingVB various annotations NNaddingto makeVB a text NNmoreAD readableJJ.


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AnnoReader App available!

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You may use the Reader for the long text.


The iOS and Android apps are now available.

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Browser extensions

An extension to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, to annotate website easily.


Hironobu Saito <hiro at> @hironobu-s