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AnnoReader is a reading tool for English language learners or readers of other languages. This tool visualizes English sentence structure, such as nouns, verbs, clauses, and phrases, by adding various annotations to make a text more readable.

NN ​S​NNPAnnoReader VB ​V​VBZis NN ​C​NPa reading tool ⇐toolPP INfor NN NPEnglish language learners CC CCor NN NPreaders of other languages .. NN ​S​NPThis tool VB ​V​VBZvisualizes NN ​O​NPEnglish sentence structure ,, ⇐structureJJ JJsuch PP INas NN NNSnouns ,, NN NNSverbs ,, NN NNSclauses ,, CC CCand NN NNSphrases ,, ⇐visualizesPP INby ⇐byVB VBGadding NN NPvarious annotations ⇐addingPP TOto VB VBmake NN NPa text JJ ADJPmore readable ..

  • NN: Noun / Noun phrase
  • VB: Verb / Verb phrase
  • JJ: Adjective
  • AD: Adverb
  • PP: Preposition
  • WH: WH-phrase
  • MD: Modal
  • CC/CONJP: Conjunction
  • DT: Determiner
  • MWE: Multiword expression
  • S: Subject
  • V: Verb
  • O: Object
  • C: Complement
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What's new

AnnoReader App 2.1.0 is now available


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The iOS and Android apps are now available.

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Browser extensions

An extension to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, to annotate website easily.